Sustainable Reputation

We are facilitators of sustainability from the field of strategic communication.

Our commitment is to open paths of communication and dialogue, to contribute to a better social climate that leads to sustainability not only of companies and institutions, but of the country as a whole.



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Prevención y gestión de crisis | Sinérgica | Puzzle
Reputación sostenible | Sinérgica | Puzzle
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Social media y estrategias digitales
Prevención y gestión de crisis | Sinérgica
Relacionamiento con comunidades | Sinérgica
Gestión de prensa | Sinérgica
Relaciones Públicas | Sinérgica
Coaching teórico-práctico de manejo con los medios | Sinérgica
Reputación sostenible | Sinérgica

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We are characterized by the goal to do things well, to enjoy our work and be happy. We declare ourselves a Pet Friendly office

Sandra Gamboa

Ejecutive director

Ricardo Núñez

General manager

Juan Carlos Moraga

Project director

Iván Suárez

Digital strategy manger

Leslie San Francisco​

Comunication consultant

Constanza González

Comunication consultant

Rodrigo Valenzuela


International Alliances

Madrid, Spain
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lima, Perú
Bogotá, Colombia
Sao Paulo, Brasil

International Alliances

Madrid, Spain
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lima, Perú
Bogotá, Colombia
Sao Paulo, Brasil


Media Training

  • Authorities
  • Senior executives
  • Spokespersons/ First line


Association of Patients Suffering from Pituitary Disease

  • Brand creation and development
  • Brand Manual / Logo
  • Social media strategy
  • Web content
  • Public Affairs
  • PR / Networking

Presidency of the Chilean Prosecutor's Office in the AIAMP

Ibero-American Association of Public Ministries

  • International social media strategy
  • Institutional magazine
  • Newsletters

Community Relations

Former Servet Clinic (12 floors). Largest demolition in Chile, carried out in full confinement. Our role was to bond closely with neighbors, avoiding negative media exposure.

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