What one expects from a counselor in these matters is timing, judgment and effectiveness. What better than in Sinérgica –as the name implies – where the three are well coordinated. Thank you for having kept us out of conflicts.

Roberto Hartley
Executive Director, San Bernardo Engeneering Workshop Boulevard.

Working with Sinérgica is a very enriching experience. Their continuous contribution and proactivity give us the possibility of a daily learning. Their adaptation capacity and knowledge of all the actors in the Chilean market provide much value to the Communications Strategy of the Group. It should also be emphasized that the period to adapt and learn all the clues of the Company was done in record time and thereby allowing them to add value as from the first moment in our first meeting. Thanks to their total availability, the fact of us being in different continents has posed no obstacle.

Miguel Justribó Ferrer
VP Brand & Communications, Telepizza Group, Madrid, Spain

We hereby recognize the work and support Sinérgica provides us in those difficult and complicated moments, when knowing the business and the daily work is not enough to face problems that exceed those scopes, and where a good advice and a wise guide is fundamental.

Rodrigo Celis
General Manager, Paseo Quilín Mall

Sinérgica works with us in class actions communications counseling, where they have stood out with their professionalism and responsibility providing novel and very useful contributions that go beyond the contract, which has resulted very useful for the lawsuits we defend. The trust their actions transmit goes hand in hand with excellent results. Their readiness to reach the target is total, without limitations, and the human team of Sinérgica is a first-class one. We are very glad we hired them and feel they are allies of our crusade.

Juan Sebastián Reyes Pérez
Partner, Perez Donoso & Co.Law Office.

Providing communications counseling to a civil organization for the consumers’ defense is a challenge that the Sinérgica team has assumed with great enthusiasm, responsibility and, most of all understanding, when dealing with unexpected and sensitive situations. Working with them has been a great experience because it has helped outdo ourselves and understand how valuable strategic communications is for an organization like ours.

Stefan Larenas Riobó
President, ODECU

I highlight their professionalism and creativity in the suggestions they give our team. Thanks to their support and expertise, by means of their large network and broad experience with the media, we are able to show our sustainability practices, differentiating ourselves from other companies. They have the tools to support the companies with challenging objectives and they accompany you in the development of communications outlines for your company.

Adolfo Gana.
Corporate General Manager, Dimerc S.A. Companies.

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